Best Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly

Best Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly

Safety in the bathroom is always a top priority for our senior loved ones. The bathroom is the commonest place where falls occur. Having said that, seniors should also have an enjoyable and relaxing bath, which is only possible with the best handheld showerhead for the elderly. The elderly often miss the therapeutic benefits of … Read more

One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilets: Which is Best?

One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilet

Toilets are an integral component of any bathroom. Whether your old toilet is constantly malfunctioning or you’ve just decided to remodel your bathroom space, you’ll be faced with several options when shopping for a new toilet. Traditionally, toilet systems comprised of a tank and a bowl bolted together, and many models are still sold today. … Read more

best toilet paper for allergies

Hypo Allergenic Toilet Paper Reviews: Best for Sensitive Skin

Wondering why anyone would use hypo allergenic toilet paper? Trust me; many people out there are allergic to regular tissue papers. Regular toilet paper products incorporate harsh chemicals into their manufacturing process, which may cause allergies for people with sensitive skin. And, since we all respond to the call of nature, at least once or … Read more

How Does an Upflush Toilet Work: When Do You Need It?

How Does an Upflush Toilet Work

An upflush toilet is engineered to eliminate the need to install expensive plumbing systems. While the interior of an upflush toilet is hardworking machinery, the exterior is a fashionable complement to any bathroom decor. But how does an upflush toilet work? In this guide, we illustrate how upflush toilets function and why you may need … Read more

wall decor ideas for small bathrooms

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably spent countless hours figuring out the best prints for your living room gallery wall but rarely do the same for your bathroom walls. Whether you have an empty wall to spare or you’re working with a small bathroom space, your bathroom wall can be a perfect canvas to … Read more

How to Replace A Toilet Flange and wax ring

How to Replace A Toilet Flange

The toilet flange is the circular component connecting your toilet to the bathroom floor and the drain pipe. Over time, this fitting becomes loose or worn out, and when this happens, many people find themselves pondering how to replace a toilet flange or whether it’s possible at all. Well, it’s possible to replace a toilet … Read more